Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I woke up to this morning and some thrifty finds!

We haven't had significant snowfall here in my part of New England since Halloween, when we had a storm which gave us about 8 inches of snow.
This morning we woke up to Snow! This is looking out my front door up my driveway.
I like snow, I'm probably the only one in New England that does!
I don't have to drive in it, so it's easy for me to like it.

Yesterday I hit a few of my favorite thrift stores. There wasn't much to pick from this time. I found this metal tray. It's almost three feet long! I plan to put it on my dining room table, I want
to fill it with different things, to change with the seasons and holidays. So I need some suggestions! What could I put inside of the tray? hmmmmm......

It has these nice stars(?) all around the edges of the tray. As you can see from the picture, it needs a good cleaning!

And finally I found this mini Christmas tree, one of the thrift stores had all their Christmas items for 75% off so I got this tree for..... .99cents! My kind of deal! I picked this up for my craft shows, it will go inside something and will be decorated. Just need to decide what I'm going to put it in!
So if you have any suggestions for what I can put inside my new big tray, please post here!


  1. Hi Becky, well you got snow and we were covered in freezing rain. The branches were hanging with all the ice. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow and get colder. Sure has been an odd winter but so far so good.
    That long tray??? for each holiday or season go with what is going on, I can see this filled with some pot pourri then add like either wooden hearts painted up with words on them, be mine, Love, etc or cut would hears out and cover with nice scrap papers then paint the words on. You can get apples and fruits at the dollar stores. I got mini apples once at Walmart, they were really cute, paint stars for in between seasons. For Easter, wooden eggs, with some pip berries or berries of some kind, vines or twigs from outside. Just fill it with all kinds of goodies so it is a feast for the eyes. Oh if I were close the ideas I could help you with.
    Can't wait to see what you do. That tray is a good find and the price too.

  2. haha i just threw out one of those trees in my purging !!! im looking at it wondering if you could bleach it, i love those trees..... wow 8" snow... want some sunshine? its been a funny summer here but beautiful today....


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