Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Starting a new project Day 1

Hi everyone! Taking a break from working on epatterns for today.

I've had some chalky paint for a while now that I've been wanting to try. This color is called Timeless.

You can find out more about Chalky paint here:chalky paint

If you're a painter, this color reminds me of DecoArt's Antique White. I really like it.

I've had this metal candle plate in my stash for a very long time and it was time to do something with it. I have a John Sliney design in mind that I will paint on it.

Here I have base coated the plate with the chalky paint. The best thing about this chalky paint is, there is no prep work before hand. If using regular acrylic paints, you would need to prime the metal before painting, but with the chalky paint, you just start painting. The coverage is excellent. I like to sponge my base coats onto metal, to avoid brush marks.

Now it's time to transfer the design and start painting!

Stay tuned for the next step!

Until next time,

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