Sunday, February 1, 2015

Is it Spring yet?

Looking out my window with at least 2+ feet of snow, I'd say no!

This week we were slammed with a blizzard that dropped 24+ inches of snow in our yard, not counting what we already had. It was hard to measure because of the drifting in areas. And guess what, we're to get another 8-12 inches tomorrow. OH JOY~ LOL

I don't really mind the snow, I just don't like to drive in it, so I stay home!

Here is the view out of my studio window, during blizzard Juno. So pretty!

Here is the snow level with our deck floor. That's a lot of snow!

And Maggie had the right idea, she decided to take a nap during the snow storm!

Today starts the Jump start to spring celebration on an Etsy team I belong to. The folk art and prims team.

In the Etsy search bar just type in JSTSFAAP to see all of the teams items being offered.

click to go to my Etsy shop

Now you'll want to check out the team blog for information on how you can win prizes during our celebration! We have 23 prizes donated for the giveaway and they are all great! You won't be disappointed.

Click to visit FAAP blog

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