Friday, March 28, 2014

New good will finds

I haven't been to good will in a while,a long time. So I thought I'd stop this morning while out doing some errands. I found some things, but I've noticed that the "pickins" at good will are getting slim, and expensive at that! The little black bowl/plate says Live Laugh Love all around the rim, I'm thinking a cute prim sheep painted right in the center is going to look cute! The mini bread board will get sanded and then I'll paint a prim design on it. I have some mini spoons in the "stash" so I picked up this spoon rack. I'll paint a prim style design on it and then add some painted spoons to it. Here is a spoon rack I painted a few years ago, I think I'll so something similar to this on, but on a smaller version. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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  1. Nice finds I too think goodwill has become to expensive so I rarely go.


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