Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Angel make over

Hello! Long time since posting to my blog. I will try to be better at posting. My mom had this terra cotta angel that used to sit outside.
 Over time it faded and aged to a whitish color. She wanted it to have a new look, so I painted it to look like stone..
 I thought I'd share a quick  tutorial if you have one you'd like to paint.
Start with your supplies:

I use Americana deco art paint but you can use any brand
 burnt umber
wax paper or pallet for your paint
an old paint brush, don't want to ruin your good ones.

Step 1
I forgot to take a picture of the angel before I started the first step,
so here she is half painted. She has been sitting outside
so the white color is from age and weather.
Start by painting her burnt umber.  See the chip
in her foot?  You won't be able to tell it's there
after painting.

here she is completely painted

Step 2: this is an optional step
rub over the raised areas like the hair
fingers, toes, wings, face, with the candle

Now take your paint brush and load it with buttermilk,
but don't use a lot of paint
working quickly and messy, yes messy!  you do not want
the strokes to be thick or even looking, start brushing the paint
on with a light stroke, allowing some of the
 burnt umber to show through.

once dry, sand lightly, the areas you applied
the wax to allow the worn areas to show through
Again, the wax step is optional as you can get the
same effect from  painting.

Final step, on your wax paper, add a small puddle
of burnt umber paint.  Now using lots of water, make a wash
of paint by mixing the paint and water together.
Again working quickly and in one area at a time
paint the watery burnt umber over the angel,
then BEFORE it dries, wipe it off with an
old t-shirt or towel.  This gives an antique look
to the finished angel!
And there you have it, a new look to
for your angel.  Remember to varnish
them with an outdoor varnish if you plan
to put her outside.  This angel will  be staying


  1. Love this Becky!
    Thanks for sharing your tutorial.
    Have a wonderful weekend,


  2. Becky I love the way this project turned out! I may have to try it on a garden piece this spring.
    Great tutorial!


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