Monday, February 18, 2013

Painting ornaments

I've decided to not wait so long to start painting for craft shows, this year. So I've been making myself paint what I have in the stash. First up, I've have these scrolly ornaments forever it seems, time to get them painted!

Next up, these are puffy wooden ornaments in shades of blue.

Then I painted this square candle cup, inside sits a tea light and give a nice flickering glow to the frosted glass.

Here are some snowman snowglobe ornaments I painted

On a recent trip to goodwill, I found this mini tea pot and snowflake candle plate. I *almost* left the plate there! I walked away from it and then said to myself, "what are you doing, go back and get that plate!"~ So I did. My plan is to paint a snowman(what else?) on it.

I've also been cleaning out some of my old painting patterns that I no longer use. You can find them in my Etsy store. My Etsy

Until next time everyone~ Becky


  1. You have some wonderful pieces,I love them all.
    I'm always trying to get ahead,at 67 I haven't made it yet! But I keep trying...hugs

  2. Your snowman is going to look really great on that plate! Cute ornaments:)

  3. Very cute.. all of them.. it is a great time to get some of these little things out of the way.. I love that snowflake plate.. have never seen one of those before...


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