Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gone too soon, in honor of my friend

Saturday morning I got the news that my good friend Lesley had passed away the night before, I was so sad and shocked. I did not expect to get that call.

I've tried to add her blog link here, but I am having trouble, her blog is Harmony Road Studios, you can see the link on the right side of my blog.

Here's a little history of how I met Lesley. Over 10 years ago I stumbled upon a craft site that had a message board, I was looking for a certain pattern and decided to ask about it there. I had NEVER posted on a message board before and Lesley responded to me saying she had the pattern and she would gladly let me borrow it. Now she didn't know me from Adam and we lived in two different countries! She sent the magazine to me to borrow, just saying send it back when you are finished. And a friendship was born. we talked through emails almost every day and then we found out we had lots in common, both loved to paint, both loved cats, both loved sunflowers and Seinfeld!.

We met other girls, Linda, Cathy, Kathy, Patti, and Marie that were painters and all formed very strong friend ships, like sisters actually. We all met up on two different occasions for a mini vacation, once going to Canada, where Les is from. Here is a picture of all of us in front of Marie's shop. Les is in the middle, it looks like she is getting ready to do a little dance, and truth be told she probably would have! The other girls are from left, Linda, Kathy K, Lesley,Marie, me and Cathy, Patti was missing this trip. this was in 2007. We were all so excieted to finally be able to meet in person after many years of chatting online with each other.

The next trip we took was to Cathy's house.(next to me) We had a blast and made lots of memories and lots of laughs. Here's a picture of all of us, just Marie is missing. From left to right, Kathy, me, my husband, Scott, Linda, Patti, Cathy's husband, John, Lesley, Cathy, and Patti's husband, Mike.

I will never forget you Lesley, you are going to be missed every day. Even though we didn't live close to each other, we still talked almost every day, via phone or email, it's going to be hard to accept the fact that that is never going to happen again.

I look all over my house and see reminders of you, things you have sent me, things you have made me, I will always treasure them. Rest in peace my dear, sweet, friend, one day we will see each other again, I am sure of that. It will be one of the best reuniouns one could ask for, Keep painting my friend, when I see a beautiful sunset or rainbow, I will know you have been busily painting away. My deepest sympathies go out to her family and friends.

This was posted to Lesley's facebook page on behalf of her husband, John.. "To all of Lesley’s facebook/blog friends; it is with great sadness and heaviness of heart that I have been asked on behalf of her beloved husband John to let you all know of her passing last evening. Lesley touched so many hearts with her love of life, beautiful smile and generous spirit. She always lived life to the fullest never taking anything for granted which was shared through her talented works of art and her everyday life. . We will always treasure every moment spent with you and you will be greatly missed. May you finally rest in peace Les……

“You have fought the good fight, you have finished your course, you have kept the faith” 2 Timothy 4:7"


  1. oh bec, you said it all beautifully. she will sorely missed....

  2. So Sorry for your loss.
    My thoughts and Prayers are with you and Lesley's family.

  3. Oh Becky...what a wonderful tribute to such a beautiful, talented and caring friend...Our lovely Les will be greatly missed! Big Hugs! Jan x

  4. Beautiful tribute, Becky. She will be missed by so many. We were truly blessed to have spent the time together that we did. Such fun times! I cherish my friendship with each one of you.


  5. This is beautiful Beck... Love that pic from the first get together... Marie closed the shop.. and we were all so excited to be seeing everything up close... lol.. I think Les was dancing that day... and the clip clop of the horses at Cathy's.. what were they doing in the middle of the night out riding around?? lol and the craft shopping???
    So many good memories... It's just so hard to believe..Les will be missed so much by everyone..

  6. So very nicely said,such a sad time for so many.
    I've only know Les since 2009 but she became an instant friend and I have reminders of her through out my studio. She was an extremely talented gal and will be missed.
    Hugs, Amy Jo

  7. Sorry for your loss. My prayers and thought are with all of you.

  8. A wonderful tribute Becky...a beautiful friend gone all to I will miss her...she had given me the nickname Linney....I too will think of her when I see a rainbow because I know she is keeping those brushes flyin as she always said to me. Hugs,

  9. I cried reading this. It is a lovely tribute.

  10. Thank you all, I know how hard it is for all of you as well. she wasa good friend to all of us.


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