Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas decorating

Hi everyone
I thought I'd share my decorations for Christmas.  I think we'll go room by room in different posts because there are a lot of pictures.

So let's start in the dining room. This is a set of three Christmas trees all filled with ornaments that I have received from on line friends, either in swaps or just as gifts.  I love to look at them , each one is so different and in each of the maker's style. The wooden presents under the tree was an idea I saw on pinterest, love pinterest!

Here is our table, I have a long snowman runner on the table.

Snowflakes attached to the light above the table.  There is one red bulb hanging in the middle.  That is my husband's only contribution to the Christmas decorating, so I figured I should leave it!
Cute little snowman are everywhere!

 Center piece on the table I put together in a big wire basket I've had for years and didn't know what to do with it.  I added a pine garland then put pine cones, Christmas bulbs and berries along with the candle.
Cute country nativity

Snowman nativity was something I found on a trip to a thrift store.  It was too cute to leave behind!
My willow tree nativity is my favorite decoration to put out. wish I could leave it out year round!

Stocking and garland on the railing.

Winter display, the salt box house lights up!

So that's it today hope you enjoyed your visit.  Tomorrow I think we'll visit the kitchen. See you then!


  1. Love all your pictures, especially the salt box scene.

  2. Your country decorations are charming. I love snowmen too !

  3. Beautiful Becky! Love all your displays.
    My favorite is the group of trees with ornaments from your friends. I seen those presents/blocks on Pinterest. On my list of to-do's.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Becky. Your home looks so warm and inviting. I particularly love the painting detail around the stairway. I also have to say I love the lighted house because I have one too! :)

    Diane Horlacher

  5. Thank you Amy, snowmen are my favorite too!

  6. Thank you Sandi, it's really fun to put those ornaments on those trees every year, they bring good memories of the friends that gave them too me. And the best part is I get new ones every year! My trees are filling up!

  7. Thanks Diane! I had fun painting that vine!

  8. Oh Becky, everything looks lovely. I see some ornies I painted on your tree. Love it all, can't wait to see the kitchen next. I will be decorating this weekend. Take care, Les

  9. Oh Becky it is beautiful. My SIL leaves her WIllow Tree Nativity our all year just on a shelf under her library table during the year then up top this time of the year. Love all of your snowmen, they melt my heart.
    Be blessed,


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