Monday, December 10, 2012

And now for the kitchen!

Not much decorating in the kitchen but let's get started.
This is my collection of snowman things.  The canvas and stitchery were given to me by a friend, Lesley of harmony road studio  The tree branches are electric and light up!  I made some air dry clay snowflakes to hang off the branches and added some icicle ornaments as well. The old jug was something I found in my parents basement that had been there for years, it's perfectly chippy with red paint, goes great in my kitchen! The lighted branches stay out all year, the decorations on the branches come off. As you can see Maggie had to get in the picture, she refused to move! 

Next is above the fridge.  On a trip to a thrift store this summer I found a wire chicken basket and with me having chickens, of course I had to have it. I decided to add some antique cookie cutters that I pick up at yard sales or thrift stores when I find them to the basket.  Then I put some extra red ornament balls and some lights inside the basket. I added a small Christmas tree as well.  The snowman and Santa blocks were made by my mom.

I have some space above my cabinets, so I added some red pip berry garlands and white lights.  They stay out all year round.  Hard to see in the pictures but there are small wooden salt box houses tucked here and there that I painted.  Little light caps that are star shaped are added here and there to the lights.
and finally above the sink!  I added this small manger scene I picked up at the thrift store(I'm noticing a theme here, seems like I get a lot of stuff at the thrift store!) It was so sweet I couldn't leave it behind.
Hope you enjoyed your visit to my kitchen!  Tomorrow we will visit the bathroom, yes I said bathroom! :)
Until next time,


  1. Ooh Becky it's beautiful.. love what you've done ...

  2. Oh looks so homey and warm inside Becky. Thanks for letting us tour your house. So fun to see things I have sent you. Maggie is quite at home perched in the patch of sun on that table. LOL
    Can't wait to see more pics.

  3. I love all your decorating :) Loved catching up on your kitchen and bathroom today.


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