Thursday, December 20, 2012

And finally the living room

Here we are in the living room.
 A few years ago we decided to invest in a pre lit Christmas tree.  While I love real trees, I didn't love the mess they made. I swear I was vacuuming pine needles until July! They just got everywhere and I was sick of the mess. So I thought a pre lit tree would be so easy not having to deal with putting lights on/off the tree.  WRONG!
The first year we had the tree, THREE sections of lights went out.  I was not happy!  So I called the company and the tree was still under warranty, so I was able to get replacement lights at no charge. My tree was still up way into January, no ornaments, just the tree, waiting for the lights to come so I could restring my pre lit tree.  What a pain that was and it took for ever to do.  Never again I thought.
Fast forward to this year, tree all decorated and then this:
See how my tree looks like it has stripes? Dark areas near the top, middle and bottom? You guessed it, the same lights went out AGAIN!  And the warranty has expired, naturally!  So for two years in a row now, I've had a striped lit tree.  ANNOYING!  so after Christmas this year all the lights are coming off and I will once again be restringing lights back on to the tree.  At this point I am a pro so if you need help putting lights on your tree, feel free to ask me!
Notice Remy's head is in the picture, he just wouldn't move.  So if I can give one little bit of advice, don't buy a prelit tree, they're just not worth the money!!!!!!

Here's a little snowman corner that makes me happy to look at:

These are little snowman pillows my mom made.
Next is our collection of Nutcrackers. 

As I was editing this next picture, I noticed that everything on this table came from a yard sale or good will, with the exception of the lamp and the metal Christmas tree.  I guess one man's junk is another (wo)man's treasure!
I liked the folk art feel of these metal Santa's and found the little metal tree at Target one year.

Looking on pinterest and reading one of my favorite blogs,
I found this quick and easy project using porcelain ornaments and ultra fine sharpie pens.  Luckily I had everything all ready(thanks to the stash!) so I made some up the other night.  Give it a try!
The New town Conn.  tragedy has broken my heart, as I"m sure it has yours too. I can't even imagine what those poor parents and family members are going through.  Please remember to keep them in your prayers.

Until next time everyone,


  1. You know I always wondered about those prelit trees. We have a artifical tree too but it is because my daughter has allergies to it.
    love your nutcrackers and snowmen pillows the santas are very cute.
    It looks like you are all set for Christmas.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the pre-lit or un-lit trees. As you know we have 34+ trees but only 3 went up this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So we did not have to move furniture. I think we are feeling our age.
    Love all your decorations!
    Have a Wonderful Holiday and Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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