Thursday, August 30, 2012

a whale, some flowers and lots of pictures!

Remember the whale board I found at Goodwill and had no idea why it had a hole in it? Turns out it was a wine bottle holder! I don't drink wine, so I would not have known that's what it was used for! LOL
So here's what I looked like before I painted it.

I painted a New England scene on it, something you are sure to see when visiting New England is whales, well, if you go on a whale watching tour. I've never been on one before! I would need to get over my fear of deep water first, before I do something like that, so for now I'm happy to see whales on TV!

I decided to add a tea lite candle to it, but it could still be used as a wine bottle holder as well.

I've added the whale board to my website as well.
This week was spent painting a few ornaments for my upcoming craft shows in November. I'm a bit behind in my painting at this point in time, it was a busy summer. Here are some of the new ornaments I've painted so far.

This spring I planted some morning glories. This is the shot from my bathroom window. Unfortunately, all the flowers seem to be on the back of the plants on the trellis!

The plants on the trellis really look like a beast, I call it the green monster, a little nod to the Red Sox there. So here is the view of it from the front, not very pretty! It really took over the whole flower area, not very good planning on my part, next year I'll take care of that situation by moving it around. OH well at least when looking out the bathroom window you see some pretty flowers!

Hit a few thrift stores this past few weeks, I found another spoon rack with a little pocket on the front. It was damaged but really only needed to be glued back together, the lady at the check out gave it to me at 50% off if I didn't bring it back, I told her don't worry I won't be bringing it back! I also found an electric candle wax burner, brand new. I love anything with snowflakes so when I saw this one I grabbed it quickly. Walmart sells the same one for $15, mine was $3. SCORE! As you can see I've already been using it even if it has a snowflake on it!
I found this game board, I was going to paint over it, but I have changed my mind on that, I might do a little prim scene in the areas where you would hold the checkers, but I'm not set on that yet.

And for a random cuteness shot, here's Remy, he's 4 months old now and growing so fast and full of energy! Have a good week everyone!


  1. Busy girl Becky. Love the whale scene. I would never have thought that was a wine holder but you did a nice job on it and I like the tea lite in it.
    Ornies are very cute.
    Remy sure is a handsome boy. Enjoy the long weekend.

  2. Great job on the whale shape! Love the image you painted on it. The ornaments are great, too! Remy sure is cute! Looks guilty in this photo.
    That game board is interesting. I see lots of potential there.


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