Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lots going on

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I posted last. Been really busy and not much painting going on.

Remy is doing great and growing like a weed. He still wants to sit in my lap at the computer , the only problem is he doesn't fit in my lap any more. That doesn't seem to bother him though, with legs hanging off the sides of the chair and his head resting on my shoulder, can't get much typing done like that!

The baby chicks are not babies any more, at 20 weeks old they are now integrated with the older hens and are doing well together. At first there were a few ruffled feathers(literally!) but now, peace in the hen house!

A few weeks ago I was in my flower bed doing some weeding and kept thinking to my self, why am I hearing a rooster????? Well guess what? One of the new hens turned out to be a rooster! I really don't mind though, I love the sound of a rooster. I decided to name him Frank Sinatra because when I pick him up he makes this singing sound. He is a beautiful boy for sure!

He seems to be gentle right now, I hope he stays that way. He's a buff orpington breed and they are very sweet and gentle, so maybe just maybe he will be. That's why I've been picking him up and carrying him around with me so maybe he won't attack me in the future! LOL
Here's Remy making his daily unwanted visit to the chickens!

Remember this box I had in the stash for MANY years?

I decided to turn it into a table!
I asked my Dad if he could add table legs to it and after a few trips to Lowe's and Home depot, we finally found some legs that would work. Thanks Dad to attaching them for me!

I attached a star door knob to the front of the box for decoration.

I did a special painting technique to the entire box to make it look old and worn.

Here's a close up of the design I painted

And I decided to store some of my candle tarts and tea lites in the new table. I do admit I have a slight problem with candles, as you can see, I love them! LOL Guess it's a good problem to have!

Guess that's it for now! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sounds like you are busy. I love what you did with the table! Oh how I wish I had your painting talent! :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new table, what a great idea!Remy is so stinkin cute :)

  3. Oh Becky, that is a wonderful and very useful idea. Love that box. Nice that your dad was able to put legs on it for you. I had a candle stash at one time but I have had to refrain, just no room and with Rosie on tables we don't need a cat running with a tail on fire.
    Love Frankie too, what a character.
    Remmy sure is growing, funny he must think you are his Mum.
    Stay cool. Lesley♥

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. I love the way the little table turned out too. Thanks for stopping by.


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