Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rain Rain go away!

Well it's another rainy, grey day here in Maine. We had a nice weekend and beautiful warm weather for Mother's day. We celebrated mother's day by having a cook out here at our house with our extended families. We ended the day with a walk on the beach with friends. A great day for sure! We really enjoy walking on the beach. We're not "beach people" per say, I can not go and sit on a beach all day long, that's just boring to me, I know, that's probably strange, but we love to walk the shore after all the tourists have gone for the day. My favorite thing is to see the sand sculptures that people have made during the day, some are really detailed!
Here's one we found last year, the sad thing is that by the time we walked back past this someone had already destroyed it. I call this beach art, it really is! Look at the detail, they even took shells and made the teeth! Too bad they can't be preserved forever some how.

So once this rain goes away I will be able to get out and work in my flower gardens. So much work to do out there, lots of digging up and moving things around. I started these morning glories and sunflowers. IN the egg cartons are the sunflower seedlings as well as part of the white container. Sunflowers are my favorite flower and I plant lots of them, I mean LOTS. These are just a few I started, I like to plant them at different times of the summer so they last longer that way. They make me happy when I look at them.

Did you know I grow snowmen? Yes I do! And here's the proof! Can you guess what these seedlings might be? These are my favorite things to grow in the garden.

And finally my projects for the next few days. I've had that wooden box in the "stash" for many years and decided it was time to paint it. Still trying to decide on a design, I think I have something in mind. It's a huge box, about 15 inches long! Below the box is an 8 x 10 stretched blank canvas and then to the right of the box are two wooden sign blanks.

The stretched canvas is fun to paint. I recently painted one for the first time and I like painting them. They've been in the stash long enough so time to get them painted!

My cat Maggie is so crazy, look what she's sitting in!
Have a good day everyone!


  1. I'll bet you are growing gourds for snowmen!! I have learned to never be surprised where our grandkitty Stryker chooses to sleep!! :)--Jan

  2. Enjoyed your post. It's cool here in Michigan,37 this morning and seems we missed Spring. Lets hope we get summer.
    Love your cat!

  3. What beach are you walking? I grew up in the wells area.

  4. Hi Jan,
    You are right, they're gourds! THey make the best snowmen shapes to paint on.
    THanks Amyjo! Hope the weather warms up soon for you.
    Cathy, it was Moody beach! But we walk the Ogunquit side because the wells side isn't so great!

  5. Hope the sun is shining for you today. We get lots of rain here too so I know how you feel. :)

  6. Wow a great post Beck. Love the sand gator, too bad people have to destroy such wonderful art that someone had fun and took the time to do.
    I know you grown snowmen, I didn't this year, I have lots to do. Love the you finally painted on canvas, my favourite surface.
    Thanks for dropping by. I just posted 2 more faces.


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