Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flowers , yard work, and yard sale goodies

We spent this past weekend doing lots of yard work. It was a beautiful sunny weekend which was a nice break from the rain we were having and are having now!
The flowers all seemed to come up early this year due to our very mild winter with hardly any snow.
Our garden has been in a week now, it looks big but half of it is corn. My dad always says that the corn should be knee high by the 4th of July, we shall see,the corn is starting to come up so it just might be!

Last weekend we also put in a strawberry patch and I planted my gourds. The gourds will grow on those trellises. You can see my helper in the picture, he was checking out the strawberries trying to decide which ones he will be helping himself to!

One year I wondered what was happening to all of my tomatoes in the garden. We don't have to worry about deer or other animals getting into the garden, they've never touched it, so one day Tucker comes in the house and there is a tomato seed right in the middle of his forehead! He had been eating the tomatoes right off the vine! He also likes to help himself to the wild blueberries we have growing here. So you see I don't have to worry about the wild animals, I just have to worry about Tucker!
We made this little flower bed at the end of the front yard, I can't wait for it to fill in!

I planted Lupine here. Lupine grow wild here in Maine, but you can also buy Lupine plants, I have some growing along my driveway, they are so pretty. They come in several colors, my wild ones are purple, pink, and white. The ones I planted will be a multi color and red.
Here's what a lupine looks like, the flowers have always reminded me of a lobster claw!

Another flower that grows wild here is the lady slipper. You can't pick this flower as it is very rare and protected. I found this one growing along my driveway, and just behind my garden I counted at least 12 of them. They are a type of wild orchid. Very pretty, they like a nice shady area to grow.

Years ago I planted a poppy plant. It never did anything until last year, it had one tiny little flower on it. This year it has exploded and has at least 15 flower buds on it now. Any one have experience growing poppies? Is this normal? It's beautiful with the bright orange flowers against the purple irises.

For Mother's day my husband gave me a weeping flowering cherry tree. We planted hosta's around the corners of the bed and along that fence in the back, I planted morning glories so it should look really nice when they grow and fill it in!

In between yard work I managed to hit a big yard sale. I found this mini Christmas tree which I will use for my craft show, then I found the cute ornaments, I can't seem to pass up Christmas ornaments! The candle is battery operated.

And the best find was this cute snowman ornament!

Look at his cute little shoes~!


  1. Love your yard work Becky, those flower beds are going to be really pretty when they get established! We've been hard at work on yard work this past couple weeks as well and everything is looking so much better! Love all you yard sale goodies as well!! Oh, and I don't think I've ever heard of a dog that eats tomatoes! LOL

  2. You have been busy Becky and you are right, everything came faster and bigger this year. I am having problems with slugs, never had them before and I am hoping to keep them away from my hostas, gonna be a long hard battle with that. Hope everything grows big and pretty for you!

  3. Your yard looks lovely,so much to see. Age and arthritis prevent me from doing as much as I used to,still love to see waht others are doing.

  4. Oh my Goodness what wonderful pictures! I'm so envious of the work you've done in your yard. Mine is pathetic as I've done nothing other than tending weeds :(
    Great finds also at the sale! I, too, have a hard time passing up the Christmas ornies!

  5. You got a lot of work done over the weekend! I would love to have a garden but I do not have a green thumb...I hate bugs and dirt. LOL! All of your flowers and flower beds are great too! They are going to look so pretty when everything is blooming. Great yard sale finds :) We are having a garage sale this weekend and I hope we have a good turn out!!

  6. It looks like you really have a green thunb!1 Your garden and flowers are wonderful. My mom always grew lupines as well as delphiniums--so beautiful and old fashioned!! Don't be surprised if your poppies disappear--mine always did after flowering--that's why I always planted them with a later plant that would fill in. the poppies just go dormant and will be back!! Aren't poppies the most vivid orange/red?! You can also get them in a vivid pink.--Jan

  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words! It's a work in progress as there is still so much more that needs to get done!

  8. Looks like you were really busy. I just got my flowers out as we don't plant flowers until after Memorial Day up here. Too cold. Hope you get lots from your garden. :)

  9. Wow what a busy time you all have had. Watch those poppies, they can really spread, I hope you have them somewhere where they can do that. I learned from experience, they tend to end up places you don't want them. That ole Tucker is a real chubby fella now. Loves his fruit and veggies I see. LOL
    Thanks for sharing your garden pics with us. Nice to picture what it all looks like.
    Take care, we sure need rain, it has missed us,we keep watering so the garden is really doing better than it has in years.


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