Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a sad post

Just wanted to let everyone know, that my little scissor beak chick, Lucky, died last night. She was doing so good, or so I though.

Yesterday I noticed she was very sleepy and not moving around much, and having chickens, I know that when a chicken is sick, you usually don't know it until it's too late, they hide it very well, and she did. She was still eating and drinking and acting normal(for her). I spent time holding her yesterday and she would close her little eyes and just lay in my hands. The only time she would cluck, more like a little peep, is when I would try to put her down.

We made her her own little space, because the other chicks were just being chicks and don't care/know if someone else is not feeling well, they plow right over the sick one, and I didn't want her last few moments of her little life to be trampled on! I put her in her box, gave her a little stoke on her head and headed to bed, an hour later my husband found she had passed away he buried her last night under a tree so I wouldn't have to find her in the morning, what a guy!. I think she passed just shortly after I put her down.

At least she's not suffering anymore(not that I thought she was)and I know it was just a chicken, but still it was a life and it's sad.


  1. I can empathize with you. yes, it is still a life. and you can get attatched to chickens!

  2. I am so sorry your precious chick died. I lost another one a month ago. I know how you feel.
    Some people say, but they are just chickens. When you care for them everyday they become a part of our lives. I lost three hens last year, and so this Easter we purchased some baby chicks. They are so cute and I do get attached to all of them.
    Country at heart

  3. THank you Cathy, I am very attached to my chickens, they are my pets, I hate for anything to happen to any of them. Two of my oldest hens and 8 and 9 years old, The only two surviving chickens from my very first batch of chicks.

    Tamera, You are right, when you take care of them every day you do become attached. I was especially attached to her because of her crooked little beak. Deep down, I knew she wasn't going to make it, I just had that feeling, but still she was so sweet The poor little one. I'm glad you have some new chicks, and sorry that you lost one a month ago. Enjoy your new babies!

  4. It IS sad. No matter what kind of animal, it is very easy to get very attached. My sons had a little pet rat (lab rat) and even though I couldn't bring myself to touch him, I cried when he got sick and died. The boys were devastated . There is no shame in loving an animal. You have a loving hubby there.--Jan

  5. I would have done the same thing, Jan! and I did do the same thing over my little lucky girl. I was worried about her so this may be a blessing in disguise as I'm not sure how she would have done, once she moved out to the big coop with the older hens, but it still broke my heart!

  6. Ah poor Lucky, I am sad with you Becky.
    May she rest in peace under the tree.
    Pets sure take a special place in our hearts.

  7. Aw, I am sorry! I was thinking about her the other day while reading your blog. We sure do get attached to our animals!

  8. Thanks Kim, Yep we do get attached. Even if she was "just a chicken" she was still a sweet little one with her crooked little beak. :(

  9. Sorry for your chiken Lucky.

  10. I'm a little late getting to this post. Sorry to hear about Lucky dying. She was different and fragile and that seems to bring out the mothering instinct in us, doesn't it?

    Poor little thing.


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