Monday, April 9, 2012

a little bit of this and that

I hope every one had a good Easter. My deviled eggs were a hit, found the idea on pinterest and decided to make them. I think I will always color my eggs this way from now on!

Yesterday afternoon we had some visitors to our yard. A flock of turkeys came through the yard.

The boys were trying their best to impress the girls, but the girls were totally ignoring them! It was kind of funny to watch the strut, do a little dance with their wings spread out touching the ground and of course their tail feathers all puffed up, and the girl turkeys could care less as you can see them in the background! LOL

And finally the baby chicks are 6 weeks old and getting very big!

Soon it will be time for them to move to the coop outside and I can't wait for them to go! While they are very cute, they are very messy! But it's nice to go into the basement and hear little peep peeps! They do like to talk.

Have a good day everyone!


  1. Your eggs were so colorful!!! I didn't see that coloring post. I have to go check it out. And those big and beautiful...they got their holidays a bit mixed up!

  2. My husband LOVES deviled eggs and I have to admit I won't make them for him because they stink up the whole fridge. LOL! A sweet friend at church made him a whole tray of them on Sunday. I was thankful he shared them with everyone. LOL! Your chicks are getting big!

  3. Hi Becky, wow those chicks are certainly getting bigger every time we see them. How is the scissor beak chick doing? holding his own still?
    Those turkeys we saw made it to your place, LOL, funny how the females are ignoring the dance.
    Love those eggs, never saw that on Pinterest, must pin that for the future.
    Have a super day.

  4. I saw the directions for coloring the eggs on Pinterest, but as I was putting the Easter dinner on the table, I realised I forgot to do eggs!! :P Oh well--maybe next year!! Yours look great and your chickies are so big!!--Jan

  5. do you dye them the same way you would with shells.

  6. Cathy,
    Peel the eggs, then 1 teaspoon vinegar to one cup of hot water, add 5 to 20 drops of food coloring of your choice. Let the eggs soak for as long as you would like. To make purple mix 10 drops red and 5 drops blue.
    The eggs do not taste like vinegar afterwards, really easy and fun to do. After I took them out of the colored water, I lined them up on a paper towel to dry off before stuffing them.

  7. Linda, I thought the same thing when the Turkey's showed up! But this is the time of year for Turkey love so.......LOL

    Kim I agree, the eggs smell so bad, but taste so good! lol

    Les, little lucky girl is doing ok, she's smaller than the rest, but is eating and drinking, it just takes her longer to do it. you can see her at the feeder in the second picture. She's determined that's for sure.

    Oh no Jan, I guess you can always make them again before Easter!


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