Thursday, March 15, 2012

Prim Bunny

I finally finished the wooden bunny I showed you a few days ago. I will be adding this to my Etsy/website. It was really fun to paint. I love the colors and the background techniques and colors. Perfect for prim decorating!

Here's a close up of his face, his tag says Prim.

Painting this bunny sure has put me in the spring mood. The snow has finally melted away, we've had warm weather this last week, like in the 60's, not usual for this time of year in Maine!
The flowers are starting to come up, I only hope the snow is behind us. It's not unusual for us to get a late season snow storm in April. That wouldn't be good for the flowers!

The baby chicks are doing great! Growing so fast and eating so much. Each day they get more and more feathers, they've now started to jump up on their feeders to sit and look all around. It's really so cute! I'm still worried about littleluckygirl , but she seems to be doing fine with her crooked little beak. She is eating and drinking and is growing, so that's all in her favor. We can only hope she continues on that path, but for now she's seems happy and healthy.

Baby chicks are messy! Sorry about any little "extra doo dads" that show in the photos!


  1. The chicks are cute Becky. We are having unusually warm weather here, near 80 for days and more coming, I feel overheated. Flowers are coming up and trees are budding, I will be mowing very soon, seems so wrong for March. I just hope we don't have a really hot summer. I love the bunny, great job, been out treasure hunting lately? Happy Spring!

  2. What a great job you did on the bunny! Love it!! These chicks will soon "fly the coop" or "fly into the coop" before long! Too cute...doing big stuff!

  3. Thanks! They are so cute and are really fun to watch.

  4. Thanks Eileen! The weather sure has been strange all over the country! I've been to good will, but lately, have come out empty handed. Always a sad feeling to leave goodwill empty handed. Yard sales haven't started here yet, but will soon!

  5. I love your bunny and the colors you used! Very Nice!!! Your chicks sure are cute :)

  6. Thanks Kim! I appreciate you stopping by the blog!

  7. Love the bunny with the prim house design. The aging you did on the surface is perfect.

  8. Oh Becky that bunny turned out so nice. I love the distressing and the colours used. So very spring.
    Those chicks are darn cute and man they grow fast.
    Yes we are enjoying warm temps here in Ontario but I am afraid winter is still hanging around.
    Happy spring my friend.
    Les xo

  9. Thank you Lesley, it was fun painting! Yep, the chikies are growing fast and they are so busy, It's so cute to see them scratching the ground already.


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