Friday, February 3, 2012

Some whales and some footprints

Whales here in Maine? Absolutely! Remember when I went to a thrift store and found these two wooden whale bowls? I almost left them there, but I thought they were so different and I've never seen wooden whale bowls at the thrift store before so they came home with me.
Here are what they looked like when I bought them

Here they are after I painted them. Typical New England scene, I think, except for seeing a mermaid! I did several techniques on these bowls, the chippy paint, a fine crackle after painting and then antiquing.
I'm happy with the way they turned out.

Now for the footprints.
So the other day I was going down to my chicken coop to check on my girls and I see these footprints in the snow all around the coop. Instant panic sets in thinking what could have been snooping around the coop the night before.
We've had two attacks on the coop before, once from a raccoon and then again from an Ermine weasel. Thankfully no chickens were killed in the attacks.
So here are the footprints

This picture kind of gives it away as to what was visiting the night before, but I didn't know what it was. After doing some searching on line we figured it out. can you tell from this picture?

It's nothing more than a cottontail rabbit!~ Thank goodness. My son was the photographer, and that's his hand, dirty fingers and boys just seem to go together! Look at the larger set of prints at the very top, you can see the toe shapes of the rabbit. Too cute, I think. I wish I could see this little guy in person!
He sure was busy doing whatever he was doing that night, he hopped all around the coop and then down the trail (the bunny trail??) back to the woods.
I can deal with him visiting any time he wants, it's the other unwelcomed visitors I do not want!
Here is a picture of some of my girls. This is when we first got this batch and my 3 older hens were quite upset so they refused to get in the picture, you'll be happy to know that every one is happy and healthy and living in harmony! LOL.


  1. Your whale bowls turned out so well!! You did an excellent job!

    Those are the weirdest looking footprints. Maybe the rabbit was looking for some of the hens' food?

  2. Oh Becky... I love your whale bowls... and just adore how you painted them... gorgeous...
    Sweet little story of the footprints... and your girls are delightful...

    Jenny x

  3. Becky those whale bowls turned out FANTASTIC! Aren't you glad you picked them up? The girls are so cute! Glad to know it was just Mr. Cottontail making the nightly rounds!!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone! Yes, I'm glad it was just a rabbit and nothing else! :)

  5. Your whale bowls are fantastic! So glad your visitor was a friendly one!!


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