Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing with salt dough

Hello everyone! Hope this find you doing well. I have spent the last couple of days painting salt dough bowl fillers.
Salt dough is really fun to play around with. I've decided to turn them into bowl fillers.
Here are a few I've done so far.

Next, my favorite things to paint are sheep, so of course I had to make some in sheep form!

And lastly, I made some primitive hand shapes and attached some hearts and stars to them.

I'll be adding these to my website later today.
Have a good day everyone!
That's it for today, until next time


  1. you are so creative I love them.

  2. Becky these are wonderful. I love those hands and the little sheepy, ahhhh .
    Obviously you had a lot of fun making these.
    Good luck with sales, I am sure they will fly out your door.

  3. Becky, those are great! I haven't tried any yet, keep thinking I am going to at some point, your are very nice!

  4. They are really fun to make! Les, I knew you would like the hands! LOL Last night I dipped them in wax to seal them, they look much better. I have a few more different ones to show, but first I have to make some more!


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