Saturday, February 18, 2012

I was a lucky winner

I don't have very good luck with winning blog contests. I enter them, but usually never win. So imagine my surprise when I found out I won a contest from Cathy at acorn hollow stop on by her blog and say hi.

Check out my cute new chicken I won from her. As you might know I have chickens and they are my pets, they give us eggs and their reward is to live their lives happily doing what chickens do. NEVER will they end up on the dinner table.
My new chicken has found a new home in my painting room on the book shelf. I can look at her every day.

Cathy hand hooked the chicken using wool strips. Didn't she do a great job!

She also included a cute heart made from paper machie featuring a chicken as well.

And she sent me some chocolate. I bet Cathy took the tour of my painting room and saw that was one thing you could always find in my room!
Here's the picture of my new chicken, Thanks again Cathy!


  1. Nice wins you have there. I love chicken and rooster decor. We have real chickens here and I love collecting the different color eggs. It is like Easter everyday. Our chickens are our pets too, I have named them all. I may get some chicks this spring to add to the flock.
    Enjoy your day
    Country at heart

  2. It looks great in your painting room I am glad she has a new home.
    thank you for following me.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Cathy! I've named her Nellie after one of my hens I had a long time ago. She was Nosy Nellie because when ever I'd go to the coop to do something, she was always the first one to come and see what I was doing, She was that way ever since she was a baby chick, always sticking her head up from the baby chick huddle to see what was going on, so Nosy Nellie stuck!

  4. THanks Tamera, I was very lucky to win this chicken. I have only one Araucana left, the others have died of old age. Her name is Mrs. Run Run. My boys when they were little used to call her cheep cheep run run because that's what she did as a chick, now that she's grown, she has a grown up name. LOL She lays blue eggs, they are so pretty. She has survived 2 attacks from wild animals, she's pretty lucky herself. I think she is about 8 or 9 years old now. She's a good hen and gets along well with the other chickens we have.

  5. It looks like you really scored with your win there!! Love both the chicken and the heart..and bonus...chocolate!! :)

  6. Congrats Becky. Love Nellie. She looks so comfortable nestled on that shelf keeping an eye on things. Enjoy her.
    I liked reading your info about your chickens. Les

  7. Very cute chicken Becky.. lucky you.. and chocolate.. yum.. lol can never have too much of that...


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