Monday, January 2, 2012

Thrifty finds

On a recent trip to a thrift store I found a few things. I sometimes go to Savers, and they have this wall of "baggies" full of stuff they've grouped together. Sometimes there is good stuff in the bag with not so good stuff! That was the case with this first thrifty find.
I love snowmen and Christmas ornaments so when I saw this little guy peeking out from a corner of a bag, begging to be rescued, I knew what I had to do! He had been grouped with the most hideous of Christmas ornaments. He was sad, depressed and lonely. Why would anyone give him up? He is perfect with his tall tree hat and little cardinal friend sitting on top of it. He's crackled in all the right places and fits perfectly on my tree, where he will be loved forever and will never go back to a thrift store again. oh and the hideous Christmas ornaments that were with him, were quickly donated back to the thrift store!

This next find was something I would normally go past and not give a second thought to. Wooden bowls. If you follow me on face book, you might know I have a slight problem with wooden bowls. As I was cleaning my craft room closet last year, I discovered I had.........67 wooden bowls of all shapes and sizes! While this makes me giddy, it's really not practical to have so many, so I really have to walk away from the wooden bowls when I see them in the thrift stores. By the way, the wooden bowls are for painting, not collecting or displaying(but I guess you could say I am collecting them!) Any how, back to the there sitting on the shelf are two whale shaped wooden bowls. Now, how many of you have ever seen a wooden whale bowl? Me either, so of course they came home with me. My plans are to paint a prim light house scenes in them.


  1. I love that you've started this blog!....and your "show & tell" pictures. Keep up the good job your doing and I'll be reading as thanks to you, I'm kind of a blog-a-halic now!
    Love ya...Mom!

  2. Step Away from the bowls.....unless of course they are extra cool like that!! You WILL post piccies eh????

  3. Can't wait to see them when your, please don't stick them in your stash! I say that 'cause I know first hand what happens when I do it! LOL



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