Monday, January 30, 2012

Take a tour of my painting studio

After two days of cleaning and organizing, I finally have a clean room! As I'm sure many of you know, during craft show season, it's hard to keep your space neat and organized when you are working on several projects at once! I got rid of two big boxes of stuff that I knew I would never paint on, either because of time or the style has gone out of date. Don't worry I still have plenty more in my stash!
So here are a few pictures of my space.

First here's Maggie. She is usually not far from me where ever I am in the house,. She spends a lot of time with me in the craft room, usually sleeping in her bed on my painting table. Here she decided to jump in this box, don't let the word JOY fool you, she really is a little bratty at times!
Here is my painting desk, My husband built this for me, it spans two walls. I also have my computer set up on this desk. The wall color is a dark barn red color and the border is a Warren Kimball design. I just love it! You can see Maggie's bed on my table!

Next, I needed a spot to store all of my paint, and I have a lot of it, probably too much of it! Any how these wire racks are not my favorite, because they take up a lot of space, but they work for now. I had my husband build this table in a corner to store them on, they used to sit on the floor and it was a real pain to deal with. Below you can see a "kitty condo" for Maggie, which she refuses to use(remember I said she could be a brat?) I think I will donate it to the local cat shelter in town here, I'm sure someone will love to curl up in it!

I used to store all of my painting books in the closet but I needed more room, for said "stash" that keeps growing, even though I got rid of two big boxes of stuff from that closet! Any how, I got this bookcase to organize them. There are 15 magazine holders all filled with painting books and magazines. I added labels to them so I could see the artists names so when I need a certain pattern, I know right where to go to find them.

Here's one half of my closet aka, organized chaos, my own goodwill store. Any how, I put all small stuff in those plastic see through shoe boxes and labeled them, so I could see just what I had when I needed it.
This is my window looking out to the back yard. I love the fact that I can see my chickens when they are out side. Right now, there is snow, as you can see, so they don't like to venture outside of their house too much. On the window I have vinyl clings, you might not be able to see, but there is a large willow tree with stars and the word Create.

This wreath is hanging on my door, my friend Lesley
made the star sheep hanging in the middle of it. Les and I met online about 10 years ago and became instant friends, we've been lucky to meet up on vacation 2 different times, with a group of other painter friends. Stop by and visit Lesley's blog, she's a painter and paper artist.

I rarely win contests, so recently I was shocked to learn I had won a contest from
Anniescupboards. Sherry sent me one of her cute Annie dolls. She watches over me from the top of the book case. I had a little sheep that needed a friend and when this Annie arrived, they became instant friends for life! Stop by and visit her blog, she makes the cutest dolls and loves to shop for vintage finds at thrift stores.

And finally, one thing you will ALWAYS find in my craft room, in all forms, except for white chocolate!

Well I hope you enjoyed your visit to my studio. I wonder how long it will stay this organized and clean? I have the itch to start painting again!


  1. Hi Becky,
    I LOVE your space! Just fabulous.
    Could you come to my house and help me. It is so organized and wonderful....I will now go and dream a little dream of clean (and Organized)!
    Enjoy your day!!

  2. Oh My goodness!! Your room is so organized. I need better organization. I tend to shove lots of things in the closet. I love your room. LOVE that you have chocolate and not white chocolate cause lets be honest....there is no CHOCOLATE in white chocolate. haha I have only one painting rack like yours and I stuck in the....CLOSET. Your window/view....beautiful.

  3. Love your painting room, sure puts my kitchen table to shame. lol

  4. Holy smokes, Becky! What a great space!!! You are just too organized! Love how you have set things up to get creative, it makes such a difference. Now you make me want to start back at has been a month-long project to de-clutter and organize. What a job!! :)

  5. Wow,what an organized, cheery space. REally, I am hiding your blog from JWS, that would not be a good thing for him to see! Love your space. Wish that mine looked like that!


  6. what a beautiful room to paint in that view too...

  7. I am so envious, space and a separate room.
    I love all the organization you have done. Cats are so funny, Maggie wants to keep an eye on what is going on.LOL
    Love everything you have shown. I was cleaning house today and still so much more to do....
    PS thanks for the plug

  8. Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment! I do appreciate it very much. I spend a lot of time in my painting room! As I write this, Maggie is sleeping in her bed on the desk, not far from me. :) =^..^=

  9. Hi Becky...
    Love your painting room!! Sooooo neat and tidy :) Do you fancy coming here to help me sort mine out!! LOL...
    Jan x

  10. Jan, YES! I'll be on the next plane over, but you'll have to take me to Buckingham palace, Big Ben and an English tea party! LOL That's not asking too much, is it?

  11. Love your craft room, Becky!! Looks like a perfect place to paint and create!

  12. I love your crafting space!! So much room :)I hope to some day have a room all to myself! Right now I use a little corner of our bedroom....and it's exactly a little corner. LOL!

  13. Becky!!1 I LOVE your craft room!!!!! Talk about organized!!!! WOW!!!!! The only thing our craft rooms have in common,is that I stash choclate in mine too!!!! LOL!!!!! Anyway....It's BEAUTIFUL!!

  14. Becky!!! I LOVE your craft room!!! It's soooooo warm and beautiful and sooooo organized!!! I have to say though that the ONLY thing that our craft rooms have in common is that I keep a stash of chocolate in mine too!!! LOL!!!!!

  15. Thank you Vicky, Kim, and Sharon. I appreciate your comments! Sharon every craft room should have a stash of chocolate! :)

  16. Great setup and just love your Maggie :)

  17. my room could so look like yours if i got rid of a lot of stuff!!!! i even have the same shelves!


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