Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fabric storage

I forgot to show you on yesterday's post how I store my fabric. I am a painter so I really don't have a need for a lot of fabric, like a sewer would need, so this system works well for me. Before my fabric was just stuffed in a bag in a drawer. There fore I couldn't see what I had and ended up buying more of the same fabric, which will probably take me forever to use up!
So I saw this idea on another blog,fabric Take a look at her craft room, talk about organization! It was the perfect solution for my unorganized fabric. so now when I open the file cabinet drawer, I can see exactly what I have. I also have all sorts of different size plastic bags for packaging, that were also just tossed in a drawer, would take me forever to go through them all looking for the size I needed, so each size got it's own file, much easier to find them now!

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