Wednesday, January 4, 2012


How many of you have collections? I do, probably more than I should though.
I love Willow tree angels. I like that they have a lot of mother/son type angels.
Having 2 boys myself, it's hard to find mother son things, so these types of
angels have a special place in my heart.
Here are a few pictures of some in my collection.


And probably my favorite Willow tree item is the
Nativity my husband gave me a few years ago.
I wish I had the space to leave this out all year!

Another think I like to collect is vintage Nancy Drew books.
They bring back many memories of reading on a winter afternoon as
a young girl. Some of these books are special, the tweed ones,
are actually my mom's book from when she was a child. Those are the
ones that got me started on Nancy Drew.
Ebay and Etsy are great for finding books to fill in
my collection and of course thrift stores and yard
sales too. Here is a photo of my partial collection
in my craft room.

Do you have anything that you collect? Please share with us your collection stories!


  1. Hi Becky,
    Came here by way of Cathy at Tolentreasures!
    Fun group you all be long too.
    As for collecting I think it is dust and painting books!
    Enjoy your day,

  2. Hello Becky, wow I knew you collected these but amazing to see how many you actually have all together. I love that manger scene, hubs really did well getting you that.
    I am not sure what I collect, seems any more it is paper and craft stuff, does that count. I do like my snowmen but that is more a winter thing.
    Have a super day and thanks for sharing your collections with us.

  3. Wow, my daughter collects Willow Tree...boy, she would absolutely drool if she saw your collection!!


  4. Wow! You have a lot of angels and Nancy Drew books!

    I used to collect plates, but hubby put an end to that. Had to promise not to bring any more of them in the house.

    I now collect vintage rhinestone brooches and earrings (much smaller to store). I have some very pretty colored ones that my grandmother had owned.

    I also have a collection of children's books but I don't think of them as a collection... it just pick up a few here and there and voila! ... way too many books!

  5. Thanks everyone for commenting. Linda, There are 54 Nancy drew books in the original series, I don't have all of them.....yet! :)


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